Sri Keremane Shivananda Hegde is the present

director of the Yakshagana Troupe. Shri Hegde has Yakshagana in his blood from his ancestors. He was introduced to Yakshagana when

he was just 12 years old. After completing an academic BA, he followed the path of his father, Late Sri Keremane Shambhu Hegde and completed Diploma

in Choreography under the tutelage of great Guru Dr.Maya Rao. Besides he learnt Kathak and many folk dances of India (Chhau Dance of Seraikala,

Manipuri Martial Dances are some of them). The constant guidance of his

highly impressive grandfather, father, and Guru (Dr.Maya Rao)

molded his elegant career in the field of 􀁅Yakshagana􀁂.

He has trained many students in Yakshagana and

also, the students deputed by SPIC-MACAY The constant guidance of his

highly impressive grandfather, father, and Guru (Dr.Maya Rao)

molded his elegant career in the field of 􀁅Yakshagana􀁂.


Apart from performing Yakshagana at various places in India and abroad,

he has exposed himself to the modern theatre too. He toured all over India

with 'Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography', Bangalore, 'Natya Ballet

Centre' and 'Indian Revival Group', New Delhi. He has enacted in many

tele-serials, films, and directed a number of dance dramas. And he has

been conducting lecture demos, workshops on Yakshagana at various art

centers in India and abroad.


He has visited USA, England, Sri Lanka,

France, Spain, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Laos, and Myanmar

to give Yakshagana, performances. He toured extensively in UK along with Chitralekha & Co. Burming Ham as a Choreographer and performer. His choreography of farce drama in Sanskrit Shringara Narathiyam and contemporary ballets Pragathi Vigathi presented in many places and appreciated by art lovers. He was invited by the Art and Culture Department of (Studio 7), Bijeshowry, Kathmandu, Nepal for demonstration and to perform "Yakshagana Dance "in the Naga Theatre of Hotel Vajra in 2002. He choreographed and directed the episode 'Mahabharata' (adapted episodes) in Studio 7. His activity in various modern workshops is worth mentioning.


He led his troupe to USA for 'Incredible

India@60'festival, Festival of India in Indonesia in November 2009, SNA

Desh Parva-2010, and Esplanade Kalaa Utsavam 2012 at Singapore and

Music Academy Chennai, Natya Kala conference Chennai to mention a few.

Hegde has now launched several innovative projects to preserve,

popularize Yakshagana Theatre. Being one of the leading artistes of Yakshagana and also director of the

troupe, he has proved himself as an exemplary actor as well as an

organizer with clear vision and mission. He finds his spare

time in the activities related to Environmental Protection,

Photography, Documentation of traditional art

forms, Writing articles on different subjects of art and

culture, apart from running Yakshagana

Training Centre. He built an open-air amphitheater in memory of his Father Late Keremane Shambhu Hegde in 2009. All new projects, activities, and development of the Institution are due to his strong vision and determination.



• Recieved Padmashri Chittani Ramachanadara Hegde Award-2014


• Received Padmabhushana Capt C P Krishna Nair award-2013


• One of the two outstanding performers selected from India to participate in APPEX WORKSHOP organized by University of California, Los Angeles, USA, -1996.


• Awarded "outstanding young person" for his exclusive cultural performance particularly in the field of Yakshagana as an artist and choreographer by Indian Juniour Chamber on the occasion of Regional Conference - May 1993.


• Received scholarship, from the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India, for Young workers in different cultural fields (Yakshagana) - 1990 – 92


• Member of Karnataka Janapada and Yakshagana Academy Bangalore - 1996 & 1998.


• Member of the Rangayana RANGASAMAJA- Mysore.


• Received Junior Fellowship from Government of India for higher studies in Yakshagana (A practical study of Uttara Kannada Style of Yakshagana with special emphasis on Nritya and Abhinaya) - 2000-02.